Hoysala Village – A Luxury Eco Resort


Cultural Immersion

Discover the immersive world of Hoysala Village Resort, where hospitality transforms into a journey of vibrant experiences. Beyond exceptional accommodation, delve into local culture through hands-on activities and guided village tours. Rejuvenate at our spa with ancient Ayurvedic treatments or embrace the nostalgic charm of Bullock Cart Rides. Explore nearby temples, embark on enlightening sightseeing expeditions, and commune with nature during enchanting birdwatching excursions. Our resort hosts regular music concerts and shows, with plans for exciting cultural programs featuring local and established artists.

Culture Quest

At The Resort

Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, you’ll traverse through vibrant fields, interact with friendly locals, and witness daily activities that form the fabric of rural life. Explore

Embark on a nostalgic Bullock Cart Ride through the picturesque landscapes surrounding the Resort for a tranquil exploration of rural surroundings. Experience the unhurried pace of village life and enjoy breathtaking views of the countryside.

Reconnect with your inner self and experience a spiritual retreat with Bhajans at the Resort. Join a soul-stirring session of devotional songs that transcend time and space.

Discover the cultural significance of Cow Pooja, its rituals, and the importance of cows in the region for a heartwarming connection to the traditions and spirituality of rural India.

Delight and engage your kids with specially designed Indoor Games. Surrounded by nature’s tranquility, our dedicated indoor gaming area ensures your children have a blast, staying active and entertained.

Join a guided bird-watching excursion to discover the avian wonders of the area. Capture the beauty of colorful plumage, melodious songs, and the serenity of our natural surroundings.

Ancient Wonders

Around The Resort

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, this 12th-century marvel stands as a testament to the architectural prowess and rich history of the Hoysala Empire. Explore
Renowned for its exquisite sculptures and detailed craftsmanship. Uncover the stories behind the temple’s history and immerse yourself in the spiritual ambience. Explore
Constructed in 1114 CE under King Vishnuvardhana, Doddagaddavalli’s Lakshmi Devi Temple epitomizes early Hoysala architecture. Explore

Built in 1200 CE by Hoysala King Veera Ballala II, this soapstone trikuta temple is among the Hoysala kings’ largest, featuring complete superstructures on each of its three shrines.

Explore the submerged charm of Shettihalli Church, delve into its history, capture stunning photos, and relish the serene ambiance of this exceptional architectural wonder.

Witness the vibrant and lively Cow Market in Hassan. Engage with the local culture, observe traditional trading practices, and experience the hustle and bustle of this authentic market.